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Local Carpet Cleaning Gaithersburg dryer vent cleaning services

Dryer vents are far more important than many home owners realize, and many of us take no notice or action to prevent accidents until it is too late or when we see the outcome on the unfortunate news of those homes that burned down as result of blocked dryer vents. Considering the stakes involved and the frequency of residential homes being affected by inefficient dryer vents, the topic of dryer venting deserves more attention than it gets, and we therefore urge you to contact Local Carpet Cleaning Gaithersburg so we can take care of your dryer vent cleaning.

Q: How long does dryer vent/ duct cleaning take?
A: Most residential dryer vents can be cleaned within an hour. Excessive lint buildup and the other obstructions may take longer to clean.

Q: Do you install new or fix damaged dryer vents?
A: Yes. Local Carpet Cleaning Gaithersburg dryer vent cleaning technicians use professional-grade metal venting for our dryer vent installation work whenever possible. As part of installing a new vent we sometimes have to open sheet rock walls.

Q: It looks like there is water dripping from my dryer vent. Is this normal?
A: One of the most important functions of a dryer is removing the moisture recovered during the heating of damp clothing. This moisture is held in the warm air produced by the dryer as humidity and is normally released to the outdoors through the dryer's vent. If this air cannot be removed, poor drying will result. This moisture can also condense into pools of water in the dryer vent, eventually leaking out. Any moisture accumulation inside the dryer ducting is a sign of poor venting which should be checked.

Local Carpet Cleaning Gaithersburg dryer vent cleaning technicians are experienced and equipped to patch up any sheet rock that we have to remove and repaint if required or we can leave it for you in a condition to be repainted. We are also equipped to install outside vents through concrete foundations, outside walls and roofs. These, of course, are sealed water tight.

Local Carpet Cleaning Gaithersburg is now serving the following Gaithersburg, MD zipcodes: 20877, 20878, 20879, 20882, 20883, 20884, 20885, 20886, 20898, 20899. Call today 24/7 to schedule a dryer vent cleaning inspection or repair in Gaithersburg at 301.579.3890.

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